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The present terms and conditions (the " Terms ") represent the mutual understanding and binding agreement between yourself and Offerna LLC located at 37 El Hegaz St., Off Lebanon St., Second Floor, Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt. , by clicking "I accept" button you finally, unconditionally and irrevocably agree to be legally bound by the provisions of the Terms.

In the present Terms the indication of first person such as "we" and "us" as well as the term " Company " whenever capitalized shall be a reference to Offerna LLC the term "you" and other indications in the second person shall be a reference to such user of who accepts the Terms whether by clicking "I accept" or by continued use of the services provided through this website after accepting the present Terms .The term "provider" whenever used in these Terms shall refer to such third party trader who uses our services to promote offers made by him to the users of our website such as you. The provider is solely responsible for determining the conditions of whatever promotion he makes using our services including, without limitation, the validity period of the offer, the price per voucher, the validity and limitations of the voucher and the goods, services or privileges that the voucher entails. The term "voucher" whenever used in these Terms shall refer to the electronic or physical voucher that you shall receive from us after the full payment of the price determined by the provider and the payment by the minimum number of people required by the provider for a specific offer to be effective. The voucher represents the agreement between you and the provider, it is given to you in your personal capacity and even though you may physically hand the voucher to a third party to use it with the provider, we wish to remind you that you are still responsible for any disputes pertaining to the voucher. Although each voucher will contain the provisions relevant to its use and redemption we wish to highlight certain provisions that shall apply to all vouchers by virtue of the present Terms , namely (i) the offer value contained in the voucher is indivisible, if you do not use the full value of the offer contained in the voucher you shall not be entitled to redeem the outstanding portion of the value whether in cash, in kind from the supplier or from us or in the form of credit with the provider or with us; (ii) vouchers have a time limit for use, if you do not redeem the offer contained in the voucher during the validity period of the offer you shall not be entitled to reimbursement or compensation in any form whether from the provider or from us; (iii) vouchers may also be restricted to specific locations such as specific branches of a chain in those cases you may only redeem the offer contained in the voucher from the branches specified therein as other branches of the same supplier which are not specified in the voucher shall not be under any obligation to honor the offer contained in those vouchers; and (iv) in certain cases the supplier provides the offer contained in the voucher for specific goods, in those cases you may not substitute those goods for others of the same value.

We may alter the Terms at any time, however, we and you shall be bound by those Terms accepted by you on the transaction date. The provisions of newer versions of the Terms shall only apply to the transactions taking place on or after their publication; we urge you to check the Terms as often as possible to verify whether any changes have been made to the extent that may cause you not to use our services.

By clicking "I accept" you also indicate and represent that you are a natural person with full capacity to enter into transactions legally defined as transactions for consideration and that you are not inter alia legally required to use the discretion of a legal guardian to enter into such transaction and that you have read and fully understand the Terms; by the same process, you also indicate that you have obtained the funds used to pay for the services we provide by lawful means and that such use of funds or payment methods is undisputable by you or third party and that you are not, in making such payment, committing a violation to the laws applicable to you, us or the jurisdiction where the payment instrument was issued or other jurisdictions that may regulate such use.

You understand and accept that those vouchers we provide through our service are an undertaking from the third party provider who undertakes to honor the promises to provide goods or services at the rates and pursuant to the conditions indicated in the vouchers or the relevant promotional material and although we have made our best efforts to ensure that such promise from the provider of goods and/or services to you was clearly explained and that such provider has executed a legally binding instrument to the effect that he shall honor such obligation, we do not give any guarantees nor accept any responsibility as to the actual performance of the third party provider. You also understand and agree that any money paid to us in exchange for the vouchers is remitted, pursuant to our agreements with the third party providers to those providers and is not paid to us. We advise you, in case you are not satisfied with the goods and services of any of the providers or if they fail to deliver the promised goods and services for the rates you have paid and pursuant to the relevant qualifications and terms of their offers to get directly in contact with their management or with the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency, please follow this link to reach the page containing their contacts. From our side, we ensure that we will comply with any requests made pursuant to applicable laws that may assist you in legal action which we deem to be lawful and not of frivolous nature. We wish to remind you that, once the vouchers are issued we are no longer in possession of the money you have paid which is remitted to the provider any request for refund after the issuance of vouchers shall have to be made directly to the provider.

Our website contains materials protected by various aspects of intellectual property rights which we use with proper permission and title, however, you are not in any way allowed to reproduce or store such material using any medium or use such material to infringe the intellectual property rights of third party. Such protected materials include without limitation logos including our logos and those of providers or parties affiliated to providers, our own texts, our website look and feel the industrial designs of providers or parties affiliated thereto and advertising material. You may not use our website, our infrastructure or your access to our website to cause harm or attempt to cause harm to us, the providers or third party. We consider hacking attempts, denial of service attempts, spamming, using fraudulent methods in self identification, misrepresentation of person, gender or capacity as examples of harm or attempts to cause same. We urge you to provide all the data required in the relevant fields required by us accurately as we shall not be in any way responsible for failure to deliver vouchers whether by electronically or physically due to any wrong information submitted by you. The Friend Referral System rewards you with cash credit when a friend you have invited to Offerna.com buys their first offer. However, you will not be eligible for cash credit if the total value of your friend's first order is below L.E. 50 (without adding the cash collection fee, in case of cash payments). You understand that your user name and password are exclusively assigned to you and you shall not reveal them to any other person. You accept that any transactions made by third party using your username and passwords shall be your responsibility. You are not allowed to use user names or email addresses that are considered offensive, unlawful or violating public moral or general acceptance. The user name and email addresses you supply need to reflect your identity and even if you decided to use an alias or an alias email such should not be offensive, unlawful, violating public moral or general acceptance or lead other people to believe that you are a person of special stature of influence such as entertainment and sports celebrities, public figures, heads of states or clergy members. The usernames and email addresses that are considered in the forgoing categories include without limitation names and addresses that incite hate, indicate derogatory opinion or depiction of certain people, depicting people as criminals, encourage the ill treatment or causing harm to people. You agree and accept that we reserve the right and providers also reserve the right not to provide the service to you without indicating cause. You agree and accept that we shall have the right to terminate your account without indicating cause. The present Terms shall be subject to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the interpretation or the execution of these Terms shall be finally resolved by arbitration before and according to the rules of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration by one arbitrator to be appointed in accordance with the rules in force at the said center on the date of filing the dispute. You may receive a printed copy duly executed of the present Terms from the Company's premises by coming physically to our headquarters indicated above during business hours on business days pursuant to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt with a valid identification document indicating that you are of legal age to act pursuant to the laws of your country and containing your legal address, you shall sign a copy of the Terms and shall receive an executed copy at the earliest possible time.