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About Our Services

Offerna.com is the first group-buying website in Egypt. Our team’s main goal is to provide our valued clients with massive discounts on their favorite products or services. We help our clients enjoy new experiences without breaking the bank.

The idea of mass-discounts is simple: our partners give limited-time offers with huge discounts on their services and/or products in return for a minimum number of buyers. If that minimum number of buyers is met in a specific time period, then the deal will be active, and buyers can go redeem their e-vouchers. Otherwise, the deal will be canceled and payments will be refunded to the buyers.

For example: Supplier XYZ offers a 60% discount on his services. If a minimum number of 50 buyers buy his e-voucher within 48 hours on Offerna.com, then the deal becomes active and buyers can redeem their e-vouchers at the suppliers. On the other hand, if by the end of the 48 hours only 49 buyers or less buy that e-voucher, then the deal will be canceled and buyers will have the option either to get their money back or keep it in their accounts to pay for future deals.

So if there’s a deal you really like and want it to be activated, we advise you to buy it as soon as possible, and start recommending it to friends as some offers have a limited number of e-vouchers. Our e-vouchers also make great presents when you just can’t think of something to buy.

To learn more about our services, visit our FAQs Page

About Our Company

Offerna.com is owned and managed by Offerna LLC, which is located at 37 El Hegaz St., Off Lebanon St., Second Floor, Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.

Our phone number is: (202) 3302 7012 , and you can fax us at: (202) 3832 1225 You can also reach us through the email address support@offerna.com